Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Motifs 15 - 19

I didn't realize I had done so many of these.  Tatting is perfect to carry along any time you think you may have to sit and wait - for any reason.  Apparently I have had quite a lot of tatting time in the last few months.

This first doily is from the late Jan Stawasz.  After tatting several of them in tiny thread, I decided to try one in somewhat larger thread.  This one was tatted entirely in Altin Basak threads - size 50.  I find that their size 50 is a very close match to USA size 30 threads, at least it is a close match with my tatting tension.  Yours may be a bit different; I usually tat pretty tightly.

The next doily is one from Iris Niebach's "Doilies" book (it has a picture of a square doily on the cover).  I need to block it so the outer 2 rows of chains have the proper shape, but if I don't show it to you now, I will probably forget to show you.  I used thread from a tiny ball of bright yellow, no size on the label, but in my tatting tension, it is just slightly smaller than DMC 80.  I could not tell who the manufacturer is/was.

These next three are all the same pattern - "Primrose Path" by the late Mary Konior.  It is one of my favorite patterns.  First I'll show you the one in 'large' thread.  It is Cebelia size 30.  After using size 80 and smaller for months, size 30 feels like I am tatting with rope.

Here is one tatted in Sulky cotton threads - a solid-color #12-weight cotton, and Sulky Cotton Blendables #12 for the chains.  The thread is intended for machine quilting and machine embroidery, but I like to tat with it.  It is a softer thread than many of the others I use, but I like it.  Their #12-weight thread is approximately equal in size to DMC 80.  It is very smooth, and has a nice luster.

This last one for today uses those tiny balls that I cannot see the name of the manufacturer.  I like to use pink and grey together, and the chains are a good spot for a different color.

Happy tatting to you!
  - Stephanie


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Motifs 9 - 14

Motif #9 is the bunny from Jane Eborall's TIAS 2016 that started back in January!  He is a cute little guy, and he seems quite pleased with his carrot.  He is tatted in Lizbeth threads, size 20, except for the carrot greens - I didn't have any green Lizbeth, so I used an 'unknown' thread (label fell off long ago) for that part.

I have been experimenting with color and assorted threads again this year.  I've been tatting a doily, then thinking "I wonder what it would look like if I used...." As a result, there are several of the same doily in my little stack.  This first one Omega thread #50.  I like the variegated color - it reminds me of coloring with crayons when I was a child.  This is one of the patterns by the late Jan Stawasz.  Isn't the shape and the way he used negative space fascinating?
The next one is done in Perfect Quilter.  Unfortunately this thread is no longer available.  It is one of my favorites for tatting.  I sometimes think of it as 'Perfect Tatter,' but it is really a quilting thread.  It is approximately equal in size to DMC 80.  This yellow ombre is such a nice, warm, and happy color to me.

I have some tiny balls of thread that have no 'size' on the label, but it is definitely a 6-cord thread (I unravelled a small piece to satisfy my curiosity).  I am not sure who the manufacturer was, either, but it is very nice thread, and seems to be slightly smaller than size 80, at least with my tatting tension.

I used a ball of bright yellow for this one - the same Jan Stawasz pattern as above.  Although it doesn't show in the pictures, this one is slightly smaller than the one tatted with Perfect Quilter.  It is still very, very close to being equal to a size 80, but if you put two pieces together, the difference can be seen.

The last of the Stawasz doilies (for now) is pink.  I used two shades of pink - those tiny, balls with no size on the label. 

This last one for today is tatted in a Sulky Cotton Blendables #12-weight.  It has a nice luster to is.  This is a machine embroidery/machine quilting thread, and the 'heavy' #12 weight is another 'approximate equal' to DMC 80.  It is softer than many of the threads I often use, but I like the way it tats, like the way it feels in my hands, and like the colors - there are so many colors available.  The pattern is by the late Mary Konior; it is called "Primrose Path."  It is one of my many favorites.

I finished Row 12 of Renulek's WIOSNA 2016, but forgot to get a photograph. 

Happy tatting to you!
   - Stephanie

Monday, June 20, 2016

Starting a 3rd challenge today:  Motifs 1 - 8

I've been test tatting recently for Martha Ess.  She's working on a book of tatted toys, and I was fortunate to be able to tat two patterns from the book.

Both pictures have been manipulated to make them blurry - it's not your eyes playing tricks on you.

This is Martha's toy dump truck.  I tatted 3 of them - in different colors, but I only blurred one of the photographs.  I guess they (the three trucks) are Motifs 1, 2, and 3.

After the truck, I tatted a rubber duckie.  The little duckie is a fairly quick pattern to tat, and great fun.  Isn't he CUTE?  I tatted 5 duckies in all, but they all look the same - yellow duckie, orange bill - the only 'difference' is the thread size, so I only blurred one picture.  The duckies are Motifs 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

I've been working on the WIOSNA 2016 napkin by Renulek, also, but don't have a picture of it yet.
I'm using Valdani thread - an overdyed raspberry color.  I really like their overdyed colors - the tatted pieces are so pretty.

Happy tatting to you!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Second 25 motifs completed:

I've been doing quite a lot of tatting, but much of it was given away before I managed to get a picture taken.  Counting each pair of earrings as a 'motif,' the gifts I've tatted for a small group of people will put me past "25."  All of these earrings are BEANILE Lace, designed by Nina Libin, and all are (or will be) in books she has published.  She graciously gave me permission to tat these earrings to use as gifts.  If I tat a few of something solely for my own use, that's one thing, but if I want to tat MORE than 'just a few' and use them as gifts, I normally ask the designer's permission first.  Nobody has ever said 'no,' and I consider it good manners, if nothing else, to ask them if it is ok. 

I am eagerly anticipating tomorrow morning, when each person chooses a pair of earrings.  I am sure they will be very excited.  (Not a good picture, sorry.  It was dark outside, so it's an 'indoors' photograph.)

Happy tatting!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Motif #17

I've been doing just a bit more experimenting with tatted, beaded fringe.  This time I tried using size 20 Lizbeth (because I had an almost-full shuttle left after finishing something), size 11 beads, and a nylon thread that is about the equivalent of size 80.

The rings were made with size 20 thread, which was also what I used as the 'core' thread for the chainsl  The fringe was 15 beads long with a 16th bead used as a 'stopper' bead to keep the rest of the beads in place on the 'string.'  I used the thin nylon thread for the 'knotting' thread on the chains (and for the beads). 

Our weather has been mostly cloudy for the last couple days, so the picture is a bit dark.  We had a small amount of sunlight TRYING to get through late this afternoon.  DH noticed there was a little light, and he was kind enough to grab the camera and my tatting to rush outside for a quick picture before the clouds completely covered the sun again.  You can see part of the shadows from my pins.

Happy tatting!
- Stephanie

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Motifs 14, 15, and 16

Motif #14

I've been experimenting with beads lately.  This is my first attempt at a beaded fringe.  I think my thread was too large - I used size 20 Lizbeth and size 10 beads.  My tatting was a bit too tight, also - the fringe doesn't move much; it is pretty stiff.  With a smaller thread size, I think the fringe will be more flexible.  The beads were some of the last in a bag of mixed beads - all size 10, but some had AB coating on them, some were clear glass, some were silver-lined, a few had a slightly 'different' shape.  If you look closely you can see the variegated thread color showing through the clear beads.

Motif #15

My next experiment was adding long beaded picots to a tatted 'wheel.'  When I had almost finished the entire wheel, I realized that I should have put some beads on the shuttle to use in the center on the bare thread spaces.  Thread is a white nylon thread - approximately equal to a size 40 cotton thread.  Beads are size 11.  Instead of putting the completed wheel into my 'stash' of tatted things, I got restless one day and sewed it to one of my small 'project' bags.  It's already filled with one of my current tatting projects!

Motif #16

I ordered the Shuttle Brothers' book Tatting GR-8 Baubles, Bugs, and Blossoms recently. 

Here's the web site if you want the book, too:

It took me a few days to get 'brave' enough to try my first bauble.  These are my first two.  The second one was MUCH easier than the first one.  I've already got gray and pink thread, so I'm ready to try a mouse and a possum (opossum) once I have a little more practice tatting the simpler baubles.

I'm still working on Renulek's WIOSNA 2015, but don't have a picture to show you.  I've been doing some test tatting, also, but don't have pictures I can show you of those pieces, either.

Happy tatting to you!
- Stephanie

Friday, February 20, 2015

Motif #13

This is another 'sample' edging I did while deciding which one was going to be used for a large project.  This classic tatted 'wheel' is one of my favorites.  I sometimes use large thread (size 10, size 3) and use these wheels as coasters.  Size 3 thread is great for that purpose - it's thick and soaks up the drips that form on the outside of glasses of iced tea in hot weather.  It was late afternoon when we went outside to take a picture - you can probably see the shadows under the lace.  This was tatted with size 40 Lizbeth in "Pink Parade."

- Stephanie