Monday, December 29, 2008

Motif #15 part 3

Parts One and Two interwoven: Experiment in Celtic tatting

This is the 'back' view of the experiment.

Motif # 15

An Experiment in Celtic-Type Tatting
Step 1 is on the left; Step two, on the right. The motif is then woven together and attached by the picots. It is done in a variegate Perfect quilter thread of blue/green

Motif # 14

Three Notes Black Thread using motifs from Patti Duff's, Mini Tats

Motif # 13


This cross is one of 25 that were made into bookmarks (with an added ribbon at the bottom picot) tatted in size 10 Lavender. It is from Lindsay Roger's Tatting Collage book. The bookmarks were given as favors at a LWML Guild meeting brunch that I hosted.

Motif # 12

Advanced Tatting Class (Seitz) Assignment

Free tatting using Encapsulation, Josephine knots, split rings, and large picots. Valdini threads in pearl cotton.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

MOTIF # 11

This Floral Spray is an example of Helma Siepmann's Creative (free) Tatting.

This is a compilation of lessons, culminating in the Basic Flower found on page 9 of her book.
I chose the colors of fall ~ Valdini in various colors.
This style of tatting is fun, non-frustrating and addictive~ It was a good time....

Friday, November 14, 2008

Motif #10

I've grown bored with leaves and flowers; making an executive decision. This is a Turkey designed by Mark Meyers and it's done in Valdini thread. I'm not sure what the next 15 motif will be; but there will be a variety of new things. I may even get the bits I've tatted, mouted on backgrounds; then again, I may not. We will see what falls off the shuttles!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Motif # 9


I have completed at least 6 motif, but haven't blocked them as yet; so will post this snowflake. This is an easy pattern by Pamela Meyers of Tatskool Blog. This is perfect for a beginner/intermediate. I chose to just add 4mm crystal bead on each "arm"; but, Pamela's has seed beads up and down on the picots, which would push it to 'intermediate'. One can also do it without beads! While this is done in Flora, size 20, red, I have also done one in HDT (Pamela's)Rainbow Bright and it looks wonderfully happy. This then, is Tumbling Star!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Motif # 8

Motif #8 Colorado Columbines

This is harder to tat than I thought! I used size 80 threads. The outer chain petals need to be tighter; but, of course nothing in nature is perfect. However, I'm not really satisfied with this effort. When I blocked the group it made the purple petals too pointy and the white petals are lost in the background. The yellow center on one looks orange in the scan. In my hand and laid out, they looked better than the scan results. It may have helped if I had ever seen an actual Colorado Columbine. LOL

Friday, July 25, 2008

Motif # 6 & 7

Lindsay Rogers' Tatting Collage was the inspiration for these motif.
2 are Thistles; one is a Dandilion (there will be greenery later - its being blocked). All three were done with DMC size 80 thread and the first time I'd done any shredding with a pin to make fluffy tops. I'm learning new techniques with each motif; that way, it is a growing process. So while the motif may not be as good as they would be after more practice, they do show that a person can begin learning new techniques with some success.
In Addition, the leaf on the thistles and dandilions are too floppy. I am having trouble with large leaves with a greater number of ds. The motif is meant to be tatted in stages. That is, the leaves are to be tatted separate, as a seperate element; then, the elements are to be glued to a card and joined in that way. But, I didn't do it that way; if I had followed the directions, the tension in the leaves would have been more consistent. I tatted it all at once. I did the tops and worked downwards! Not a good plan in execution!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Motif # 6: Geranium Leaf ~ designer, Karey Solomon from her book "Tatting Turns Over a New Leaf." Size 30 HDT (Yarnplayer) in Forest.
Constructive Criticism is always welcomed. It was pointed out to me, by a good friend and mentor, that the stem of the geranium leaf looks a little weak. I think, either encapsulated stem or *pearl-tatted stem would give it more balance. I am working on tension - and my friend said that the tension was getting better; it is good to get positive, honest advice so one does not repeat poorly tatted pieces. It takes just as long to produce something worthwhile as it does something that is mediocre. I'm not there yet - but I shall get there with constructive criticism. *The Geranium, upper right, is the re-tatted version using pearl tatting on the stem; and, victorian sets between the picots. This was my first go at pearl tatting; having not moved beyond two shuttles up until this point. It was easier than anticipated. I think the stem emerges from the leaf in a better way as the first was a bit off-center. This makes it look more like the variety of Geranium that I saw as a child.

A number of my early childhood years were spent in the Mediterranean climate of Southern California and the hot summers of the Valley near Sacramento. Mother always had two requirements for my play yard; one, a white picket fence and the other flowers. Mother tended her geraniums; and, in the desert her cacti. She stood amidst the Chinook winds of Eastern Washington state, protecting her Silver Dollar Maple in the arid desert. Geraniums are a very sentimental flower in my life memories.

Monday, June 9, 2008

25-Challenge June 9

Motif #5 a Card from Pat Monroe's, "Garden of Flowers"
All of the patterns use size 80 thread. Lupine/blue bonnet: I used Sulky (blue) and King Tut (variegate) for the Lupine and bluebonnet. This is on a card that is being sent to Gary Houtz, as a get well sentiment. Since using the size 80 thread, I am less intimidated - I didn't have to retro tat anything and the time I made an unwanted knot, I was able to get it loose without too much fiddling about. I have a fairly large stash of this size thread in a good array of colors - so onwards and upwards!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

25-Challenge June 6

Motif # 4 now in full bloom! The high desert, this year, skipped spring totally and jumped right into Summer. Last year I had planted tulip bulbs and the deer ate the flowers before the Javalina (wild pigs) dug up the bulbs! So tatted tulips, hyacinth and flowers make their home on the ridge..

Motif #4 Design by Mark Meyers (aka TatMan) Hyacinth Flower
Tatted in size 20 Rubi varigate thread with Valdini size 12 , green stem and leaf. This worked up quickly. I'd recommend using two shuttles when tatter gets to the stem and leaf. I managed to become lost in the flower pattern and 'free tatted' for quite a while. I managed to use two shuttles of the varigated thread while awaiting my physician's arrival At that point, the bottom needed to be rounder and fuller; therefore, I went back and 'fluffed' it up with another shuttle full - small clover shuttles. I'm much happier with it now as it is more honoring to Mark's creation. It will make a lovely addition to a card.

Motif # 3. Designer, Karey Solomon Tatted by BJ
Oak leaf and acorn. Tatted with size 12 Valdini, comparable to size 40 thread. I would increase count on the bottom of the acorn if I were to tat other acorns. I also didn't do a twisted stem as given in directions - but chose a node stitch. Threads left on acorn - for attaching as applique. I experimented on one acorn, using two colors as the acorns I remembered from child hood had a brownish top with a lighter bottom and didn't have stems by the time I found them.
The last round tatting count is left to the tatter with suggestions given, so each individual leaf would be at the tatter's discression in the last round; and, no two would look alike! Just like nature!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

# 2. 3-Dimensional Dutch Iris Designer Marie Smith, from online tatting class. My husband said he'd never seen a yellow Iris with a blue center - so I showed him my new Spring Bulb Catalog.

I have a number of these that I will put in a vase - lavender, yellow, mixed and show as a group for 2B.

25-Motif Challenge begun 5/6/08

# 1. 2 "Simple Leaf" from "Tatting Turns Over a New Leaf" - original leaf motif designs by Karey Solomon.
All of the leafs done in this challenge are from Karey's book.