Sunday, May 11, 2008

25-Challenge June 6

Motif # 4 now in full bloom! The high desert, this year, skipped spring totally and jumped right into Summer. Last year I had planted tulip bulbs and the deer ate the flowers before the Javalina (wild pigs) dug up the bulbs! So tatted tulips, hyacinth and flowers make their home on the ridge..

Motif #4 Design by Mark Meyers (aka TatMan) Hyacinth Flower
Tatted in size 20 Rubi varigate thread with Valdini size 12 , green stem and leaf. This worked up quickly. I'd recommend using two shuttles when tatter gets to the stem and leaf. I managed to become lost in the flower pattern and 'free tatted' for quite a while. I managed to use two shuttles of the varigated thread while awaiting my physician's arrival At that point, the bottom needed to be rounder and fuller; therefore, I went back and 'fluffed' it up with another shuttle full - small clover shuttles. I'm much happier with it now as it is more honoring to Mark's creation. It will make a lovely addition to a card.

Motif # 3. Designer, Karey Solomon Tatted by BJ
Oak leaf and acorn. Tatted with size 12 Valdini, comparable to size 40 thread. I would increase count on the bottom of the acorn if I were to tat other acorns. I also didn't do a twisted stem as given in directions - but chose a node stitch. Threads left on acorn - for attaching as applique. I experimented on one acorn, using two colors as the acorns I remembered from child hood had a brownish top with a lighter bottom and didn't have stems by the time I found them.
The last round tatting count is left to the tatter with suggestions given, so each individual leaf would be at the tatter's discression in the last round; and, no two would look alike! Just like nature!

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Pawsitive Art said...

wow..these are amazing. I love to see hand made items still being produced in a world of technology. Hand made = quality..