Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Motif # 6: Geranium Leaf ~ designer, Karey Solomon from her book "Tatting Turns Over a New Leaf." Size 30 HDT (Yarnplayer) in Forest.
Constructive Criticism is always welcomed. It was pointed out to me, by a good friend and mentor, that the stem of the geranium leaf looks a little weak. I think, either encapsulated stem or *pearl-tatted stem would give it more balance. I am working on tension - and my friend said that the tension was getting better; it is good to get positive, honest advice so one does not repeat poorly tatted pieces. It takes just as long to produce something worthwhile as it does something that is mediocre. I'm not there yet - but I shall get there with constructive criticism. *The Geranium, upper right, is the re-tatted version using pearl tatting on the stem; and, victorian sets between the picots. This was my first go at pearl tatting; having not moved beyond two shuttles up until this point. It was easier than anticipated. I think the stem emerges from the leaf in a better way as the first was a bit off-center. This makes it look more like the variety of Geranium that I saw as a child.

A number of my early childhood years were spent in the Mediterranean climate of Southern California and the hot summers of the Valley near Sacramento. Mother always had two requirements for my play yard; one, a white picket fence and the other flowers. Mother tended her geraniums; and, in the desert her cacti. She stood amidst the Chinook winds of Eastern Washington state, protecting her Silver Dollar Maple in the arid desert. Geraniums are a very sentimental flower in my life memories.

Monday, June 9, 2008

25-Challenge June 9

Motif #5 a Card from Pat Monroe's, "Garden of Flowers"
All of the patterns use size 80 thread. Lupine/blue bonnet: I used Sulky (blue) and King Tut (variegate) for the Lupine and bluebonnet. This is on a card that is being sent to Gary Houtz, as a get well sentiment. Since using the size 80 thread, I am less intimidated - I didn't have to retro tat anything and the time I made an unwanted knot, I was able to get it loose without too much fiddling about. I have a fairly large stash of this size thread in a good array of colors - so onwards and upwards!