Friday, July 25, 2008

Motif # 6 & 7

Lindsay Rogers' Tatting Collage was the inspiration for these motif.
2 are Thistles; one is a Dandilion (there will be greenery later - its being blocked). All three were done with DMC size 80 thread and the first time I'd done any shredding with a pin to make fluffy tops. I'm learning new techniques with each motif; that way, it is a growing process. So while the motif may not be as good as they would be after more practice, they do show that a person can begin learning new techniques with some success.
In Addition, the leaf on the thistles and dandilions are too floppy. I am having trouble with large leaves with a greater number of ds. The motif is meant to be tatted in stages. That is, the leaves are to be tatted separate, as a seperate element; then, the elements are to be glued to a card and joined in that way. But, I didn't do it that way; if I had followed the directions, the tension in the leaves would have been more consistent. I tatted it all at once. I did the tops and worked downwards! Not a good plan in execution!