Monday, December 29, 2008

Motif #15 part 3

Parts One and Two interwoven: Experiment in Celtic tatting

This is the 'back' view of the experiment.

Motif # 15

An Experiment in Celtic-Type Tatting
Step 1 is on the left; Step two, on the right. The motif is then woven together and attached by the picots. It is done in a variegate Perfect quilter thread of blue/green

Motif # 14

Three Notes Black Thread using motifs from Patti Duff's, Mini Tats

Motif # 13


This cross is one of 25 that were made into bookmarks (with an added ribbon at the bottom picot) tatted in size 10 Lavender. It is from Lindsay Roger's Tatting Collage book. The bookmarks were given as favors at a LWML Guild meeting brunch that I hosted.

Motif # 12

Advanced Tatting Class (Seitz) Assignment

Free tatting using Encapsulation, Josephine knots, split rings, and large picots. Valdini threads in pearl cotton.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

MOTIF # 11

This Floral Spray is an example of Helma Siepmann's Creative (free) Tatting.

This is a compilation of lessons, culminating in the Basic Flower found on page 9 of her book.
I chose the colors of fall ~ Valdini in various colors.
This style of tatting is fun, non-frustrating and addictive~ It was a good time....