Tuesday, November 17, 2009

MOTIF # 16

Generic snowflake. Similar to one in the HandyHands, "Tatting ABC's & 123's"
Tatted in size 30 Anchor thread. It is about the size of an old silver dollar (remember those?)
It turned out very lacy looking.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

O Tannenbaum!

MOTIF # 15 Design: Pam Palmer from "Tatting Treats 2" In dk green Valdini size 12 and DMC red. This is a very easy tree and great for practicing rings!

Rebekah's Wedding Edging

Motif # 14

Edging for my granddaughter's wedding headpiece being designed by Zena Herbert at SeaofDreams, UK. It's tatted in Anchor size 30 in cream. Zena needed a 6" piece of edging that would curve. This is Mary Konier's, "Beauty Spots"

Snowflake Rose #5

Designer: Debbie Munoz from her book, "Snowflake Roses"
Lizbeth size 30 "Snowy White" thread I needed to work on both rosettes and my block tatting; and, this was perfect. (11/14)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A card for my Friend in Sweden

Motif # 12
A card for my friend in Sweden in Rainbow Bright thread (HDT~Tatskool) Design by Marty.

Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3rd ~Exchange Motif

Motif # 11 Inga Madson design, from "Tatted Animals"
My recipient's favorite colors are green and lavender. I decided a soft green body of Valdini in size 8 would work with the body in lavender orchid variegate. The pearls on the antennae are genuine ~ small. The Butterfly is a bit over 3" tall and a little more in width.
I did make two boo boos. I attached the wrong picot of the inner butterfly on the second wing tatted (the right side). There are no instructions given as to how the pearls, from the inner butterfly antennae, are attached. I improvised. Also, since I was on vacation, I could only dampen and pin out the butterfly...and not starch.
This is an advanced visual pattern; but it does work up fairly fast after the first wing. The body is tatted down the left side and back up the right side ~ no instructions for direction of tatting were included ~ so I "winged" it (sorry for the pun).....

Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11, 2007 Bookmarks

Bookmarks: I've been tatting bookmarks since January; since they've accumulated, I decided to have them as this years 25-Challenge. All but one (the tractor) were tatted in 2009.
Some for exchanges, some for friends, relatives, children.

Motif #10 Adaptation of two designs. Karey Somomon's top and Rosmaire Peel, bottom. Done in green size 40 thread
Motif #9 Design: Elizabeth Davis Size 20 thread, Altin Basak with Lavender Orchid blossoms.
Motif #8 Design from "Big Book of Tatting" Cobalt Thread with white ribbon.

Motif # 7 Design from Aunt Ellen's Tatting Book Hand dyed thread with butterfly charm.

Motif #6 Design: Diane Stevens from "Animal Zoo of Bookmarks" Lisbeth size 20 thread, desert flower. Head Aqua from Rainbow Brite hdt from Pamelay Meyers I made this snake for a young man who has a pet snake.

Motif # 5 Design: Adaptation from "Tat Cat" orignally designed by Diana Howe
Valdini Size 12 Thread with blue/black thread from China. Picots were frayed on head and tail for the Lion effect.

Motif #4 Design from Vintage Dillmont booklet from DMC. Rubi Thread size 20 with Light Peach Olympus thread rings and josephine knots
Motif # 3 Designer: Rosemary Peel Using an edging and joining for a bookmark. Size 20 Lavnder Orchid HDT

Motif #2 The bottom of this bookmark is from an insert pattern in Georgia Seitz pattern book. My friend belongs to a Vintage Tractor Club; and, he loves to read. He told me during a visit in May that he really likes it!
Motif # 1 Adapatation of a Rosemary Peel Toggle design...made into a bookmark. Aqua HDT (from Pamela Meyers) with Rainbow Bright varigated thread with beads on top portion.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Motif # 25

Just in time for St. Patrick's gifts ~ and finishing the Second 25-Challenge

FROM Designer Karey Solomon's, "Tatting Times" a wonderful little Cloverleaf Bookmark. I did this in Valdini size 8 ~ not my favorite thread (I like firmer threads) and this piece was just placed on scanner ~ not blocked. My blocking boards are FULL...:>(
However, I tucked it in a thread exchange padded envelope anyway...I always like receiving motifs from other tatters ~ treasures, really. Because we who tat, realize that time was taken, and each piece is a practice in basics for the future pieces. I thank those who have commented on the progression of my tatting.
I shall have to put my thinking cap on for another 25 ~ I have so many pattern books to choose from, should be an easy task ~ but somehow the decision is just more difficult. I have new books from both Rosemarie Peel (2009) and one from Judith Conners (2000). I might do pieces from those because IMHO they are both great little books for beginners and experienced beginners.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Motif # 24 Heartfelt

Motif # 24 Design by Karey Solomon in her book, "Make Many Merrily."

This pattern is called "Heartfelt" and was done with DMC size 30 multicolored thread in dark, to medium, to light pink hues. I had not blocked this one as it was going as a gift, and there was a deadline to meet! It has a few mistakes because I couldn't figure out the end of the pattern. My fault ~ not designer's. It says to finish the second side as the first and my mind will never wrap around that sentance. I guess it means to work back up the pattern. But when I arrived back at the top, I lost my place...aghhhh I'm missing a picot and possibly a bit of chain at the top. However, it's hard to see at a glance because of the color shift. Which is why I didn't catch it when I was working on it; but, saw it only after it was scanned! Yikes.


MOTIF # 23 Designer: Janette Baker

This heart is from Janette Baker's first book,
"Learn to Tat." Tatted with
Yarnplayer's Lavender Orchid HDT.

DH starched the piece and I blocked it on my handy dandy foam board (suggested last year by Sharon

I think this may be one of the bettert pieces I have tatted and it is for an, as yet, unnamed receipient!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Motif 21 & Motif 22

Adaptation of a pattern by Karey Solomon; "Baskets Full of Posies"

An adaptation occurs in my tatting when I make a mistake! WicketTat, Aileeen, sent me the little book, Make Mine Merrily, and I set about these two patterns. I used up bits and pieces of thread, some Rubi and some HDT (RB, Pamela's bright lot) and Valdini 12, color 8102 for the basket. These are fantasy color flowers...I made an error on the second ring, and I omitted a ring'; which of course, left a negative space that wasn't suppose to be there!

I had experienced a very stressful Thursday, and I decided ~ THIS is for fun, I'm not having any angst! So I kept tatting the pattern and ended up free tatting across the bottom back to the open space, I added a missing ring and continued up the basket's handle. Because I used 3 flowers and not two, my basket had to be larger; consequently, the handle has additional split rings. And that is how I ended up with an Adaptation of Karey's sweet basket of posies. I really like this little book BTW. I'm becoming rather fond of quick motifs which give almost instant gratification.

Motif 22 is from the same source as #21.

While I'm not overly fond of pinks, this Flora size 20 makes up a very fresh-looking heart, aptly named, "Heartfelt" Please do not look too closely, there is at least one mistake. I have difficulty when instructions read "Complete the second side of heart to match the first." I became weary and probably should have stopped tatting; but, I was so close to being done!
I'm posting it anyway in case a new tatter feels bad about their own mistakes; life happens!

Ordinarily, I would have cut out the offensive bit and retro tatted ~ but I was over taken by sleepiness. That is okay. Always give yourself a bit of a break on a practice piece.. Not everything turns out perfect. Besides, the person who is getting this will never notice a missing ring (what is it with me and missing rings on these two motifs?) I made the heart first and then the baskets of posies....This is such an easy, fast, heart that I'm going to do it again ~ for the corner of a hankie. I've become rather fond of peppermint.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Motif # 20

Designer: Martha Ess' Mini Rose Heart
From Martha's book, "Tat's Amore" a lovely red heart with a Victorian look. Done with Red Altin Basak (sp?) size 30 thread. The point is not given as an SCMR in the pattern; but I was on a 'roll' with SCMRs. . .there you go! It is 1 1/8' x 1 1/8" in size 30 thread. The center is a traditional rose used in many old patterns. After blocking, I'll add a jump ring and a red ribbon; making it into a choker as a gift.

Motif # 19

Sharon Briggs (goblet); Lindsay Rogers (cross); Martha Ess (bread)

These are the tatting elements that will be used to make a 2-part scene on cream, ultra suede; for my pastor, Rev. Joe Pelligrino. It will be similar to a triptych; but, only two frames. The left side will be a vintage woodcut of Luther's debate with Zwingli over the Holy Eucharist. The other panel will be the goblet, wafer and cross. The ultra suede was gifted to me by my friend, Norma Harris. I may re tat the goblet in a smaller thread with a better color for the wine for proportional size compared to the cross. Sharon's goblet is much easier than it looks, and I'm still working on block tatting. I was trying to approximate a Shepard's loaf... The white thread is DMC 30, the wine is DMC Cebelia 30; and the block tatted bread in ecru is vintage Coats Best six-cord 20.

Motif # 18 TAH DAH!

Design by: Martha Ess' "Teensy Forsythia Heart"
Tah Dah because I have finally managed to get around to and learn how to do the SCMR technique repeatedly~ It is the point of the bottom of the heart. And, I know I should have blocked this piece before trotting it out; but, I was so flushed with success ~ could not contain myself! Apologies all 'round. Tatted in vintage Clarke's Big Ball soft green, and yellow; size 30.
I love Martha's book, "Tats Amore" and two of the patterns I really want to do have ~
split chains! On my list for 2009 was "learn SCMR" and 'Split Chains". One down and one at which to become consistent. (SChains).

Motif # 17

Celtic Badge designed by: Rosemarie Peel
This is a proto type for a Celtic Badge I'm making in the MacKay ( I'm told, it's pronounced Mc eye) plaid. The plaid I liked from this sett was bright blue, and a darker green, with a thin black line. The finished piece will be in size 80 threads (this experiment is in size 20) and, hopefully, will be put in a lovely brooch (on order). It is for my friend, Pearle, who turned 90 last year; and has now relocated to a lovely home in Evanston, Illinois. I shall miss this lady of grace, wit and independent spirit. Certainly a woman to have as one's mature role model. Would that I can mature with such grace. She is certainly missed at our church.

Motif # 16

This heart is a Patti Duff design from: "Mini Tats"

I decided to make it into a bookmark with victorian sets at the bottom. The Thread is Red size 50 ~ DMC It is in an unblocked state!