Friday, January 9, 2009

Motif # 17

Celtic Badge designed by: Rosemarie Peel
This is a proto type for a Celtic Badge I'm making in the MacKay ( I'm told, it's pronounced Mc eye) plaid. The plaid I liked from this sett was bright blue, and a darker green, with a thin black line. The finished piece will be in size 80 threads (this experiment is in size 20) and, hopefully, will be put in a lovely brooch (on order). It is for my friend, Pearle, who turned 90 last year; and has now relocated to a lovely home in Evanston, Illinois. I shall miss this lady of grace, wit and independent spirit. Certainly a woman to have as one's mature role model. Would that I can mature with such grace. She is certainly missed at our church.

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