Saturday, January 24, 2009

Motif 21 & Motif 22

Adaptation of a pattern by Karey Solomon; "Baskets Full of Posies"

An adaptation occurs in my tatting when I make a mistake! WicketTat, Aileeen, sent me the little book, Make Mine Merrily, and I set about these two patterns. I used up bits and pieces of thread, some Rubi and some HDT (RB, Pamela's bright lot) and Valdini 12, color 8102 for the basket. These are fantasy color flowers...I made an error on the second ring, and I omitted a ring'; which of course, left a negative space that wasn't suppose to be there!

I had experienced a very stressful Thursday, and I decided ~ THIS is for fun, I'm not having any angst! So I kept tatting the pattern and ended up free tatting across the bottom back to the open space, I added a missing ring and continued up the basket's handle. Because I used 3 flowers and not two, my basket had to be larger; consequently, the handle has additional split rings. And that is how I ended up with an Adaptation of Karey's sweet basket of posies. I really like this little book BTW. I'm becoming rather fond of quick motifs which give almost instant gratification.

Motif 22 is from the same source as #21.

While I'm not overly fond of pinks, this Flora size 20 makes up a very fresh-looking heart, aptly named, "Heartfelt" Please do not look too closely, there is at least one mistake. I have difficulty when instructions read "Complete the second side of heart to match the first." I became weary and probably should have stopped tatting; but, I was so close to being done!
I'm posting it anyway in case a new tatter feels bad about their own mistakes; life happens!

Ordinarily, I would have cut out the offensive bit and retro tatted ~ but I was over taken by sleepiness. That is okay. Always give yourself a bit of a break on a practice piece.. Not everything turns out perfect. Besides, the person who is getting this will never notice a missing ring (what is it with me and missing rings on these two motifs?) I made the heart first and then the baskets of posies....This is such an easy, fast, heart that I'm going to do it again ~ for the corner of a hankie. I've become rather fond of peppermint.

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Halloo BJ! I just ADORE that basket with the posies! Sure wish I could tat!

I lived in L.C. years ago -- see that you are in Silver...always thought Western N.M. was an awfully nice university & campus...

Chat later,
The Olde Dame