Friday, February 6, 2009

Motif # 24 Heartfelt

Motif # 24 Design by Karey Solomon in her book, "Make Many Merrily."

This pattern is called "Heartfelt" and was done with DMC size 30 multicolored thread in dark, to medium, to light pink hues. I had not blocked this one as it was going as a gift, and there was a deadline to meet! It has a few mistakes because I couldn't figure out the end of the pattern. My fault ~ not designer's. It says to finish the second side as the first and my mind will never wrap around that sentance. I guess it means to work back up the pattern. But when I arrived back at the top, I lost my place...aghhhh I'm missing a picot and possibly a bit of chain at the top. However, it's hard to see at a glance because of the color shift. Which is why I didn't catch it when I was working on it; but, saw it only after it was scanned! Yikes.

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