Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11, 2007 Bookmarks

Bookmarks: I've been tatting bookmarks since January; since they've accumulated, I decided to have them as this years 25-Challenge. All but one (the tractor) were tatted in 2009.
Some for exchanges, some for friends, relatives, children.

Motif #10 Adaptation of two designs. Karey Somomon's top and Rosmaire Peel, bottom. Done in green size 40 thread
Motif #9 Design: Elizabeth Davis Size 20 thread, Altin Basak with Lavender Orchid blossoms.
Motif #8 Design from "Big Book of Tatting" Cobalt Thread with white ribbon.

Motif # 7 Design from Aunt Ellen's Tatting Book Hand dyed thread with butterfly charm.

Motif #6 Design: Diane Stevens from "Animal Zoo of Bookmarks" Lisbeth size 20 thread, desert flower. Head Aqua from Rainbow Brite hdt from Pamelay Meyers I made this snake for a young man who has a pet snake.

Motif # 5 Design: Adaptation from "Tat Cat" orignally designed by Diana Howe
Valdini Size 12 Thread with blue/black thread from China. Picots were frayed on head and tail for the Lion effect.

Motif #4 Design from Vintage Dillmont booklet from DMC. Rubi Thread size 20 with Light Peach Olympus thread rings and josephine knots
Motif # 3 Designer: Rosemary Peel Using an edging and joining for a bookmark. Size 20 Lavnder Orchid HDT

Motif #2 The bottom of this bookmark is from an insert pattern in Georgia Seitz pattern book. My friend belongs to a Vintage Tractor Club; and, he loves to read. He told me during a visit in May that he really likes it!
Motif # 1 Adapatation of a Rosemary Peel Toggle design...made into a bookmark. Aqua HDT (from Pamela Meyers) with Rainbow Bright varigated thread with beads on top portion.

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