Thursday, July 9, 2009

A card for my Friend in Sweden

Motif # 12
A card for my friend in Sweden in Rainbow Bright thread (HDT~Tatskool) Design by Marty.

Friday, July 3, 2009

July 3rd ~Exchange Motif

Motif # 11 Inga Madson design, from "Tatted Animals"
My recipient's favorite colors are green and lavender. I decided a soft green body of Valdini in size 8 would work with the body in lavender orchid variegate. The pearls on the antennae are genuine ~ small. The Butterfly is a bit over 3" tall and a little more in width.
I did make two boo boos. I attached the wrong picot of the inner butterfly on the second wing tatted (the right side). There are no instructions given as to how the pearls, from the inner butterfly antennae, are attached. I improvised. Also, since I was on vacation, I could only dampen and pin out the butterfly...and not starch.
This is an advanced visual pattern; but it does work up fairly fast after the first wing. The body is tatted down the left side and back up the right side ~ no instructions for direction of tatting were included ~ so I "winged" it (sorry for the pun).....