Thursday, June 17, 2010

Motif 25 ~ Fini

DESIGNER: Mary Konier ~ HD Silk thread by LadyShuttlemaker

I did this some time last year and will have to look up the color; because, I have forgotten!
It is a lovely silk thread and a very, very long edging for a larger hankie. I like to work with silk threads and except for one batch, I've not had any problems with splitting; and, I think that one split because the crochet hook was too small for the thread. (I'll edit both color and pattern name, later)

Probably will not begin another 25-Challenge until the fall. Have some UFO's I need to force myself to finish.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

# 24 A bit behind

MOTIF # 24 I'm running behind. A little over-due.
But I have a viable excuse. I need to scan one more edging! May and June have been busy, busy with DH hip replacement and a few light moments with the Leprechauns. So, as soon as I scan. . .

I saw this thread on Zarina's Blog. She only had two skeins of Garden Path, size 40 left. I love this edging and it was fun to tat. It is for a surprise for a friend of mine; a gift.