Wednesday, February 5, 2014

For this first 25-motif challenge I decided to count only things I'd tatted this year.  I'd started this doily in the fall of 2013 and completed it just this week.  It's from Jan Stawasz's first book:  Tatting Theory and Patterns.  It was tatted using Valdani 35-wt. cotton quilting thread.  According to the Valdani website, their 35-wt. thread corresponds to US 24-wt thread.  I did a size 'guesstimate' using a medallion I've tatted so often that the pattern is memorized, and my best guess is it's somewhere around what might be considered size 90-100 in 'tatting' thread sizes.  The doily turned out too large to fit on the scanner bed, even using tiny thread.  Can't imagine how big it would be if I used the thread size recommended on the pattern.  It needed to fit on a quilt block, so I kept trying smaller and smaller threads until I got a good 'fit.'


Jane McLellan said...

Mind boggling! Pretty too, of course.

God's Kid said...

That is such a beautiful doily!!! :)

Grace Tyler said...

Oh I Love this! with the radiating flowers. You did a great job.