Thursday, February 27, 2014

Motif #7

Ever have one of those days when nothing seems to go right?  Seems like everything I've tatted for the last week or two had to be cut off, thrown away, or started over.  I've tried THREE times to get this doily center done, thinking it would be a good portable project if I did it in a light color.  The other two are in the trash can.  (Why is it I never seem to notice a really BAD error in the 'early' stages of something until I get almost to the END of it?)  FINALLY got this center finished, and now I don't like my color choices.  I'll probably do the doily eventually, and most likely still use a 'light' color, but it'll be something brighter than this sample.  It's OK - most of the time I really don't care if I have to cut off a mistake or re-do something, as long as I'm tatting.  Whatever the color, whatever the project, whatever the technique, even whatever the weather - if I'm tatting, it's a nice day.
This is the center from the "Lucky Clover" doily in Tatting Patterns & Designs by Blomqvist and Persson.  Patterns in this book are in what I think of as 'shorthand' form.  I don't think there are any diagrams in the book, but it has fantastic photographs, and that helps me quite a lot if I get 'stuck' somewhere in a pattern.  Thread used is DMC 80 Ecru and Sulky #12-wt.  Unfortunately sometimes the labels fall off of my Sulky spools, too, so the color number/name will have to remain a mystery.  For those long chains in the center, instead of doing a regular DS, I used the double-double stitch (DDS).  For my tension, 4 DDS equals 5 regular DS, so where the pattern said '10' of the regular DS, I did 8 of the DDS.  The double-double stitch makes very long chains smoother - they don't look crumpled and try to curl when you compress the long chains. 
Today I spent part of the afternoon tatting while the aroma of baking gingerbread floated through the air around me.  I was working on Renulek's tat-along at the time, trying to finish the 'current' row in time for the release of the next row tomorrow.  The gingerbread turned out very nicely.  The tatting is coming along well, also.


God's Kid said...

That looks truly wonderful!!! :) I tried this pattern once and didn't have a good time with the long chains so I gave up, but yours looks wonderful!!! :)

Jane McLellan said...

How odd, I have gingerbread in the oven as I read your post! I wondered how you managed to get those long chains to look so neat. Aha, thanks for letting us into the secret.

Fox said...

Looks good to me! That dads is a great idea! I will try it if I get back to this one...
Fox : )