Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Renulek's "Spring 2014" napkin (what I would call a doily, mat, or - if it gets really large - a centerpiece) is posted on her blog.  She gave the pattern for the center on Monday, 10 February (2014) and the second round today (Tuesday, 11 February).  This is such a pretty, lacy bit of tatting I really couldn't resist.
Here are the first two rounds, done in Sulky Blendables 12-wt cotton thread.  Color is #4022, Midnight Sky.  Sulky #12-wt works out (for my tatting tension) to be about equal to a size 80 tatting thread.  It is intended for quilting and machine embroidery, I think.  It is softer than 'the usual' tatting thread, but I love the colors and the 'feel' in my hands.  Picking out mistakes can be difficult, not just because it's tiny, but because it is more loosely twisted than a thread made specifically for tatting.   I can hardly wait for the next round.


God's Kid said...

It looks absolutely amazing!!! :)

Grace Tyler said...

Love the thread color, and the tatting elements are so interesting the way they are used together. :) I like this center part the best (compared to next post).