Thursday, February 20, 2014

This is one of my other projects - another doily designed by Jan Stawasz.  Instead of size 10 thread, I am using DMC 80 (ecru) and Sulky Blendables #12-wt (teal variegated).  I was SURE a full 5-gram ball of DMC would be plenty, since it was not the only color I was using.  I was wrong.  Today I cut several pattern repeats off (I had started the next round).  Dug through all my 'small thread' stashes to find my last ball of DMC ecru.  I am not worried about the difference in dye lot, because the threads are close enough to look alike in the sunlight, and there will be a round of teal rings between the 'old' ecru thread and the 'new' ecru thread.  There are two rounds left before this doily is finished.


Kathy Niklewicz said...

Quite an accomplishment! Very lovely and in wonderful colors. Glad you found the extra ball!
I'm amazed you also managed to do the TIAS, too. I also like the shuttle shaped medallion by Norma Benporath. That was a lot of experimenting! I have a feeling I would find it easier to cut and tie! I'm impressed that you are comfortable with size 80 thread!

God's Kid said...

This doily is gorgeous!!!! :)