Monday, May 5, 2014

Motif #14

Remember this doily?  This is the doily from Tatting Theory and Patterns, by Jan Stawasz, page 65.  If I remember correctly, it's just about 11 1/2 inches in diameter, done in 'Truly Teal' Sulky #12-wt (about equal to size 80 DMC) and ecru DMC 80 thread.  Here it is with a light blue background - trying to get the ecru color to show off the design.

This is the same doily, but with a white background.  Neither color really showed it off to best advantage, but they were the only background choices I had that didn't make the teal fade into the 'background.'  I like the way the chains in the penultimate round 'outline' the arches and show off the negative space in the design.

Motif #15

Another of the doilies from Tatted Treasures by Jan Stawasz.  The diagram is on page 77, I think.  This one was tatted with Sulky cotton Blendables #12-wt, but I have no idea what the color name or number is.  The labels on BOTH ends of the spool have fallen off.  I couldn't find a good 'background' color to show off the pastels - all my colored paper is some version of pastel, also.  Found a bright pink piece of cardstock - it looks a little wild combined with the pink, but it DOES show off the design nicely.

Motif #16

This doily is the "Jasmine" centerpiece from The Tatter's Treasure Chest, page 58 (picture), page 59 (pattern).  I used Sulky cotton Blendables #12-wt thread, color number 1232 (dark green), and color number 4017 (I think it's called "Lime Sherbet").  Size is about 10 inches across.  In the original pattern they used size 30 thread, and the 'original' size was 15 inches in diameter.

Motif #17

Here is the completed "Spring 2014" doily - pattern designed by Renulek.  This one is tatted entirely in Sulky #12-wt cotton Blendables, color number 4022.  This is about 13 1/2 inches in diameter.  Funny, on a white surface (in 'indoor' light), it looks very, very dark blue, almost 'black.'  On a shiny black surface, it looks much lighter in color - the blues show up beautifully.  Couldn't carry furniture outdoors to take a picture, so I tried a light blue background and an off-white one.  Blue background first:

 And the same doily with an off-white background:

The whole 'tat-along' thing was so much fun that I immediately joined in on Renulek's summer doily.  Couldn't decide between two thread colors (and two thread sizes), so I chose 'both.'  No pictures yet - I'm too busy having fun tatting.