Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Motifs #19 and 20

Ever want to tat 'something,' but you are not quite sure 'what' that 'something' is?  I tried several patterns, got the center rounds done - sometimes did several rounds of one - and decided it just wasn't what I wanted to work on right now.  FINALLY decided to tat the first 3 rounds of Renulek's Spring 2014 Napkin, since that is what I kept WISHING I had tatted when I started all those other things.  I am happily experimenting with color and thread size.  The first three rounds make a nice little decorative spot of color on a small table, especially if you do them in 'larger' thread sizes (larger than size 80, that is).

The purple version is size 50 thread, a vintage DMC.  The sun was very hot and bright when we took the photograph - I more or less tossed it onto the covered board.  There are a few spots where it apparently got crinkled.  Will have to take a neater photo at some point, but not today - very hot, very humid, and hard to breathe outside today (which is the main reason I just tossed it onto the covered board the day we took the picture - couldn't stay out there very long).

The green doily is Sulky #12-wt (Lime Sherbet) and DMC 80 ecru.  I love the contrast between the green and ecru threads and the large terra-cotta tile.  Although this green version looks larger in the photograph, in real life it is smaller than the purple one. 


Monday, June 9, 2014

Motif #18

I keep losing my reading (tatting) glasses, so I decided to do something about it.  A lanyard designed by Patti Duff (for a name tag, I think) was the April 15, 2014 Wednesday Challenge on the Shuttlebirds web page.  I fastened the ends to 'eyeglass holders' and tatted several of these in Sulky #12-wt cotton (with size 11 seed beads) and one in Perfect Quilter #17-wt cotton (also with size 11 seed beads).  All but these two (which I intend to use myself) are already in new homes.

I'm not sure this will keep me from losing my glasses - I still take them off and put them down pretty frequently - but the lanyard and the bright colors should make it easier to FIND them.