Sunday, August 17, 2014

Motif #21

This is one of the Shuttle Brothers' SCMR butterflies.  I used Sulky #12-wt thread, one of those spools with the label long gone, so I haven't a clue what color/color number it is.  The marigolds are second-generation 'volunteers.'  Originally I planted a package of dwarf marigold seeds in a barrel.  The next year, the barrel was filled with marigolds again - plants that came up from the seeds dropped by the flowers the first year.  There were a few marigolds that came up near the barrel, too - from seeds that made it all the way to the ground that first year.  This year the barrel did not have flowers in it, but there is a small patch of marigolds at the base of the barrel - grown from seeds dropped by the 'volunteer' flowers last year.  I love the little patch of bright color they add.


The bright sunlight this afternoon made the light pastels of the thread look much lighter - almost white.