Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 8 of Jane's 2015 Tat It and See

If you haven't joined in yet, there is still time to take part in the fun!  Go here for the introduction and the pattern 'clues.'


Jane gives the pattern out in tiny bits, which serves three purposes:  it keeps us guessing longer, it introduces/reminds us of techniques many of us don't use frequently, AND most of us can fit in 5 or 10 minutes of tatting a few times a week, so it allows us to take part easily, even if we're constantly busy.

I must say, I'm totally stumped with this latest clue.  Yes, I could say it looks like the beginnings of the letter X, or a lobster claw, or a starfish missing a leg, but somehow I don't think any of those guesses are quite right.  I'm sure once it is finished we'll all say 'oh, of course, why didn't I see that right away?"  For now, though, I haven't the faintest idea what it REALLY could be, other than a 'whatsis,' perhaps.

Here's my Day 8 "whatsis."

Whatever it is, I am having great fun tatting it AND trying to figure out what it could be.
- Stephanie

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Jane's TIAS - up to Day 7

I'm a bit behind - today Day 8 was released, but I've only finished as far as Day 7 so far.  Although I really have no idea what it is we're tatting, I do enjoy making crazy guesses.  Upside down, it looks like a bunny head (a cartoon bunny, perhaps).  The way it was oriented in the scanner, it looks like a tooth - or maybe the tusks of a walrus.  I'm sure it will change quite a lot more by the time it's far enough along to be identified.

Whatever it is, it is great tatting fun!
-  Stephanie

Thursday, January 8, 2015

An ending and a beginning:

Motifs 22, 23, 24, 25

These four Christmas trees (Pattern is "Beady Little Christmas Tree" by Erin Holloway-Moseley, from one of the Palmetto Tatters Guild Tat Days 2014 classes) finish my first 25-motif challenge.  There were more, but quite a few were given as small gifts during the Christmas season.

I enjoyed participating in the 25-Motif Challenge so much that I'm starting a second one right away!

Second 25-Motif Challenge, Motif #1

The Celtic Christmas motif, designed by Linda S. Davies, is the first motif of this 'new' challenge.

Hers were done using Christmas colors, but I thought they were great fun to tat in all sorts of color combinations.  I tatted quite a lot of ornaments and let people choose which one they wanted.  There were very few left - only the ones pictured here today.  I'd also tatted quite a few of Linda S. Davies "Starry Snowflakes," but there were none left to scan, sorry.

Motif #2

This cute snowflake was designed by Wanda Salmans.  It's called the Sydney Snowflake.  It is supposed to be tatted around a metal center with 6 sections.  When I was looking for metal 'doodads' to use, all I could find had 12 sections.  With just a minor change in the joins to the metal piece, it made a cute little snowflake.  Started out with quite a few of these, also, but the two shown here are the only ones left.

Motif #3

No specific pattern for these, I just used a 'classic' tatted wheel, climbed out of the last 'outer' ring with a split ring, then added a chain around the outer edge.  I was looking for a snowflake that would fit into a bangle, but came across a statement on someone's blog that said you didn't really need a specific pattern, MANY snowflakes would fit into a bangle.  I really enjoy tatting those wheels, so I thought 'why not?' and discovered they DO fit into a bangle! 

 There were quite a lot of these bangles, too.  As you can see, there are only two left.

 I won't count the Jane Eborall's TIAS as a 'motif' yet - will wait until the 'whatsis' is complete before assigning it a place in the 25-motif challenge for this year.  Meanwhile, here is my Day 1.

The TIAS (Tat It And See) is great fun.  You tat a small piece of the 'puzzle' every few days, send a picture of your efforts to Jane, and - if you want - make a guess about what it is you're tatting.  I've decided that this is a seal balancing a ball on the end of his nose.  If that's what it turns out to be, NOBODY will be more shocked than I.  It is amazing how much variety there is, even with everyone tatting the same thing - color, shuttles (some people leave their shuttles in the picture, others edit out everything but the tatting and part of the thread that is still attached to the shuttles), and ALL sorts of guesses about what is being tatted.  As I said, it is great fun.

- Stephanie