Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 8 of Jane's 2015 Tat It and See

If you haven't joined in yet, there is still time to take part in the fun!  Go here for the introduction and the pattern 'clues.'


Jane gives the pattern out in tiny bits, which serves three purposes:  it keeps us guessing longer, it introduces/reminds us of techniques many of us don't use frequently, AND most of us can fit in 5 or 10 minutes of tatting a few times a week, so it allows us to take part easily, even if we're constantly busy.

I must say, I'm totally stumped with this latest clue.  Yes, I could say it looks like the beginnings of the letter X, or a lobster claw, or a starfish missing a leg, but somehow I don't think any of those guesses are quite right.  I'm sure once it is finished we'll all say 'oh, of course, why didn't I see that right away?"  For now, though, I haven't the faintest idea what it REALLY could be, other than a 'whatsis,' perhaps.

Here's my Day 8 "whatsis."

Whatever it is, I am having great fun tatting it AND trying to figure out what it could be.
- Stephanie

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