Friday, February 20, 2015

Motif #13

This is another 'sample' edging I did while deciding which one was going to be used for a large project.  This classic tatted 'wheel' is one of my favorites.  I sometimes use large thread (size 10, size 3) and use these wheels as coasters.  Size 3 thread is great for that purpose - it's thick and soaks up the drips that form on the outside of glasses of iced tea in hot weather.  It was late afternoon when we went outside to take a picture - you can probably see the shadows under the lace.  This was tatted with size 40 Lizbeth in "Pink Parade."

- Stephanie

Monday, February 9, 2015

Motifs 4 - 12

Motif #4 is a bookmark.  I started with a traditional tatted 'wheel' and added a chain around the outer edge, then added a long lock chain and a tassel.  Thread is size 20 Lizbeth, but I can't remember the color number.

I've been tatting some 'edging' samples - trying out various patterns and sometimes various 'orientations' of the same pattern.  My 'samples' are large enough - and some of them took long enough tat - that I decided to count them as 'motifs' for the challenge.
Motifs #5 and #6 are different thread sizes, same pattern.  I think it was a 'vintage' Coats & Clark pattern.

Motifs #7, #8, and #9 are different thread sizes and different orientations of the another pattern.  I couldn't decide whether I liked the rows going lengthwise or widthwise, so I did a bit of each.

Motif #10 came from a book of 12 Handkerchief Edgings, by Nikolajsen and Nikolajsen.  I added some extra rows to see what it would look like if it were made a bit wider.
Motif #11 was a tiny snowflake using size 80 DMC ecru thread.  I wanted to see if ecru matched a piece of fabric, and the best way was to make something with the thread and place it on top of the fabric in question.  It's close, but not quite the same.  There wasn't a specific pattern for this little snowflake, but I've seen similar ones in several books, so it's not my 'original' design, either.
Motif #12 is my completed TIAS 2015.  Jane Eborall's design kept me guessing until VERY close to the end.  I love the scissors!  It's a clever design and great fun to tat.
I have the first three rows of Renulek's WIOSNA 2015 doily tatted, but no picture to show you yet. 
Happy tatting to you!
-  Stephanie

Monday, February 2, 2015

Jane's TIAS, My version of "Day 9"

I'm a terrible guesser - even when it is pretty obvious to almost everybody, I still don't usually have a clue.  This year is no exception.  I don't have the faintest idea what this is yet, but it sure is fun tatting along.

There are only a few clues left in this year's game.  I guess soon we'll all know what we're tatting.
-  Stephanie