Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Motifs 14, 15, and 16

Motif #14

I've been experimenting with beads lately.  This is my first attempt at a beaded fringe.  I think my thread was too large - I used size 20 Lizbeth and size 10 beads.  My tatting was a bit too tight, also - the fringe doesn't move much; it is pretty stiff.  With a smaller thread size, I think the fringe will be more flexible.  The beads were some of the last in a bag of mixed beads - all size 10, but some had AB coating on them, some were clear glass, some were silver-lined, a few had a slightly 'different' shape.  If you look closely you can see the variegated thread color showing through the clear beads.

Motif #15

My next experiment was adding long beaded picots to a tatted 'wheel.'  When I had almost finished the entire wheel, I realized that I should have put some beads on the shuttle to use in the center on the bare thread spaces.  Thread is a white nylon thread - approximately equal to a size 40 cotton thread.  Beads are size 11.  Instead of putting the completed wheel into my 'stash' of tatted things, I got restless one day and sewed it to one of my small 'project' bags.  It's already filled with one of my current tatting projects!

Motif #16

I ordered the Shuttle Brothers' book Tatting GR-8 Baubles, Bugs, and Blossoms recently. 

Here's the web site if you want the book, too:

It took me a few days to get 'brave' enough to try my first bauble.  These are my first two.  The second one was MUCH easier than the first one.  I've already got gray and pink thread, so I'm ready to try a mouse and a possum (opossum) once I have a little more practice tatting the simpler baubles.

I'm still working on Renulek's WIOSNA 2015, but don't have a picture to show you.  I've been doing some test tatting, also, but don't have pictures I can show you of those pieces, either.

Happy tatting to you!
- Stephanie


God's Kid said...

Neat fringe!! :)
Great wheel!! :)
Nice 3-D tatting!! :)

Fox said...

Love the experimentation - especially the fringe! All those beads. Courageous woman! : ))

muskaan said...

Very interesting and inspiring experiments :-) Thanks for sharing.