Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Motifs 15 - 19

I didn't realize I had done so many of these.  Tatting is perfect to carry along any time you think you may have to sit and wait - for any reason.  Apparently I have had quite a lot of tatting time in the last few months.

This first doily is from the late Jan Stawasz.  After tatting several of them in tiny thread, I decided to try one in somewhat larger thread.  This one was tatted entirely in Altin Basak threads - size 50.  I find that their size 50 is a very close match to USA size 30 threads, at least it is a close match with my tatting tension.  Yours may be a bit different; I usually tat pretty tightly.

The next doily is one from Iris Niebach's "Doilies" book (it has a picture of a square doily on the cover).  I need to block it so the outer 2 rows of chains have the proper shape, but if I don't show it to you now, I will probably forget to show you.  I used thread from a tiny ball of bright yellow, no size on the label, but in my tatting tension, it is just slightly smaller than DMC 80.  I could not tell who the manufacturer is/was.

These next three are all the same pattern - "Primrose Path" by the late Mary Konior.  It is one of my favorite patterns.  First I'll show you the one in 'large' thread.  It is Cebelia size 30.  After using size 80 and smaller for months, size 30 feels like I am tatting with rope.

Here is one tatted in Sulky cotton threads - a solid-color #12-weight cotton, and Sulky Cotton Blendables #12 for the chains.  The thread is intended for machine quilting and machine embroidery, but I like to tat with it.  It is a softer thread than many of the others I use, but I like it.  Their #12-weight thread is approximately equal in size to DMC 80.  It is very smooth, and has a nice luster.

This last one for today uses those tiny balls that I cannot see the name of the manufacturer.  I like to use pink and grey together, and the chains are a good spot for a different color.

Happy tatting to you!
  - Stephanie



God's Kid said...

All very fabulous doilies!!! :)
I love the colors in the square doily!!! :)

Jane McLellan said...

Beautiful work! So fine too.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

All are gorgeous! I do love the Primrose pattern. I've always used size 20 for it, but I am determined to use finer thread one of these days!

muskaan said...

I actually Love the wavy effect of the unblocked chains in Iris' doily !!! Makes it all the more interesting :-)
A fine collection of tatting !